‘Kashmiri Hindus: Refuge, Justice and Home’


The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, IIS (deemed to be University) organized a session on the topic of “Kashmiri Hindus: Refuge, Justice and Home” on Saturday, July 17th. The session was the forth in the Happiness Dialogue series. The guest speaker of the session was Shri Sushil Pandit, a renowned human right activist and owner of Hive Communication India Pvt. Ltd. He talked about Kashmiri Pandits and their struggles.

The session commenced with the welcome address presented by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Chancellor, IIS (deemed to be University). Dr. Gupta welcomed Shri Sushil Pandit and invited him to address the audience. Mr. Pandit started the session with introducing the history of Kashmiri Pandits and their uprooting from Kashmir. He also shared about current political dispensation and fellow citizens’ concerned about their issues. He talked about the role collective national consciousness can play in regard with this issue.

He also put his views on the most painful and lesser known part of our modern history. While discussing current scenario, he said that Hindus are divided across a wide range of views even on core issues. Moderates don't accept strong views. Some don't like our Prime Minister and BJP.  Some still find solace in other parties. He covered all the important facts and points about Kashmir and Kashmiri Hindus in his address. 

Session was joined by various members of rotary club and faculty members of IIS network of institutes. In the end, Mr. Sushil answered all the questions from the audience in an effective manner by giving relatable examples. The session concluded with the vote of thanks, presented by Dr. Shipra Mathur, Advisor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.