Alumnae interaction

IIS (Deemed to be University) Jaipur

Name of the Department: Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Name of the Event/Activity/Workshop/Seminar: Alumnae interaction

Date: November 19th, 2022

Venue: AV Studio

Topic on which activity was organized: Interaction with newly appointed APROs

No. of Participants: 40

Objective of the workshop/seminar/activity: To acquaint students with the prospects of govt. job in the field of JMC

Description (max 500 words):

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication in association with ICG- IISU Alumnae Association Bandhan has organized Alumnae Interaction with Newly Selected APROs on Saturday, November 19th at AV Studio. The guests for the sessions were Rakshita Yadav, Gunjan Bakolia and Meenal Jeengar who have been a student of the department in some or the other course.

Rakshita Yadav has done her graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from the department in the year 2020, Meenal Jeengar has done her graduation, post graduation and also pursuing Phd from the University and have pursued Advanced Diploma in MCVP from the department and Gunjan Bakolia has done her post graduation in journalism and mass communication from the department in the year 2020.

Guests addressed the audience with their experience of appearing the examination of APRO and how did they prepare for it. They also shared their college experience, how the teachers in the department supported them and help them build a strong base of the field. Ms. Rakshita talked about Young Intern internship and PRO recruitment to be organized in the future. Gunjan in her address shared with students that they can read sujas magazine and newspapers to be updated about different govt schemes. Meenal shared with the students that knowledge and proficiency in Hindi language is very important for govt. job.

Students asked questions about what stages they had to go through in APRO EXAMS. At the end of the session, the Dr. Ruchi Goswami presented the vote of thanx.


Outcome of the activity/event/seminar/workshop: Attach (as separate files) Students got acquainted with the prospects of govt. job in the field of JMC and how to prepare for it.