Branding for Bonding

Topic: Branding for Bonding


Target Participants: U.G. & P.G. Students

Venue: Zoom Platform

Date:25 April, 2020

Organized by :Journalism and Mass Communication

Resource Person:  Sh.Anurag Batra, Editor-in-Chief, Business World


Department of Journalism and Mass communication, IIS (deemed to be University) organized a guest lecture on Branding for Bonding. The speaker for the lecture was Mr. Anurag Batra, who is a serial entrepreneur, media mogul, journalist and eternal optimist, rolled into one.

In his lecture Mr. Anurag Batra explained about the crucial relationship between branding & bonding i.e.  how they both go hand in hand. He discussed about the concept of Fanaticism, where he mentioned that fanaticism is the benchmark for brand bonding. To develop an emotional bond with a user one needs to be empathetic. As Mr Batra sounded quite optimistic & positive towards life he shared his personal experience that how he stays empathetic always. According to Mr. Batra if one has a positive outlook towards life they will be empathetic sooner or later. Mr Batra stressed the importance of developing the life- long habit during the times of this pandemic as it can provide a great opportunity to understand oneselfs better and can reciprocate these habits in the work which will eventually help in developing the brand by connecting it  to the user’s heart.

He said that business of branding is in flux. Once upon a time, branding was seen as a craft but today, branding has become something very different. To be successful, branding is now more of an asset – a bond created between customer and product. Now having that emotional connect with the user is way more important. “The new reality is that brands are a bond between a business and a consumer, created by every experience a customer has”, Mr Batra quotes.

At last he sounded quite hopeful keeping a notice of all the after effects of lockdown on branding industry, he said branding companies should now focus towards developing a sustained, committed and happy relationship between consumer and product and they will achieve remarkable results.