Data Sovereignty and Localization in Lockdown Times

Topic: Data Sovereignty and Localization in Lockdown Times


Target Participants: U.G. & P.G. Students

Venue: Zoom Platform

Date:14 April, 2020

Organized by :Journalism and Mass Communication

Resource Person: Sh. Vinit Goenka, Governing Council Member Ministry of Railways


The department of Journalism and Mass Communication , organized a guest lecture on Data Sovereignty and Localization in Lockdown Time on 14 April,2020. The speaker of the session Mr. Vinit Goenka , who is presently the council member in ministry of Railways elucidated the students regarding the different concepts of Data Sovereignty and different provisions related to it. Mr. Goenka also underlined the importance of cyber security and usage of different online platforms for information delivery. “The degree of protection afforded to data will depend on the effectiveness of the applicable data protection regime”, said Goenka.

In order to protect the personal and financial information of the country’s citizens and residents from foreign, it is important to protect the data from getting theft and also it is an issue of national importance, he further added.