Educational Trip to Pushkar

A two day educational trip to Pushkar was organised by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to observe Pushkar Cattle fair from a journalistic and photographic perspective from November 17th-18th, 2021. Total 35 students of BA JMC semester V and MA JMC semester III along with two faculty members of the department of JMC went for the trip.

The students reached the resort at Pushkar at 11.30am. After taking lunch the team went to visit very popular Pushkar Ghaat and Brahma Ji temple. The students took pictures and also Interviewed people and got to know about the historical aspect of the temple. The bytes and Interviews were aired by community radio station of the University FM 7.

After that, the team visited the market and the famous Pushkar fair where the students captured beautiful pictures and explored various camera angles and camera shots. Various assignments were given to the students related to photography and interviews. The students took interviews of the local marketers and tourist regarding the popularity of the fair and the problems faced by the marketers during covid and post covid times. The day ended with the DJ night.

Next day students visited cattle fair where the centre for attraction was 1500 kg bull named "Bheem". The students took the interview of the owner of “Bheem” and got to know that the bidding of the bull was for Rs. 24 crores. Students also made productive videos of the animals available at the fair. The students were taken to the farm house wherein the students did nature photography. The trip in all was full of information and entertainment. Students learned the various dimensions of taking aesthetically perfect photographs and also enhanced their interview skills during the two day trip. The trip proved fruitful for the students as well as for the faculty members.