Guest flaunts the RJ charm.

The schedule of every wednesday guest lecture for the media students continued on 25th January, 2017.

The Guest for the day Radio City RJ Prabhakar, arrived the halls by 1:20 pm & was greeted a heterogeneous group of media students, some on the verge of entering the professional world, & some still to walk a long way.

RJ Prabhakar, after failing in the competitive exam for military, started his career in the field of media in 2006. He started as an RJ in All India Radio; then he was forward with a job in Times of India as a crime reporter & later as political reporter in Sahara.

                He boomeranged to be a RJ in morning show in Radio MIrchi for 5 years & now is handling shows, and aiming for a promotion as a regional manager in Radio City.

He began the session by refusing to give a lecture & creating an interactive atmosphere. He asked for students to which he answered enthusiastically. He outlined the importance of practical experience & ground work.

                As an RJ, he explained the struggle of the audio media field and also the cons & pros of it. He shared various experience of his student years & the struggle he went through. He pointed out the fact that media field depends on creativity which comes a lot from reading.

                He also briefed about the current lack of ethics in the RJ’s & the loopholes of code of conduct. He concluded with asking to students to get a reality check, by accepting, that media is a hard & harsh field, which requires you to prove yourself every day. As at the end of the lane it is your skill that matter, not your or money or power or the name of a big university on your certificate.