Happiness Dialogue Series- Elate New India: Fiction to Facts

Happiness Dialogue Series- Elate


New India: Fiction to Facts


The department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IIS (deemed to be University) Jaipur organised third episode of the ‘Happiness Dialogue Series- Elate’ on the topic, ‘New India: Fiction to Facts’ on February 11th, 2021. Mr. Pushpendra Kulshrestha was the key-note speaker for the session. The session revolved around the importance of knowing facts and searching the truth in a world blinded with propaganda.

Mr. Kulshrestha educated students on various issues related to Indian society, culture and politics. He shared the realities of Indian politics with an approach to decode propaganda and misinformation. He emphasised on being nation-driven, rather than state-driven. He also discussed the essential qualities of a true journalist, quoting “question everything, go beyond the surface to know the truth”. In this hour-long session, Mr. Kulshrestha recommended several books to read for a better understanding of the world around.

Mr. Pushpendra Kulshrestha is a former journalist and political commentator, he has offered his services for several leading news channels and agencies. He has always been an active and articulated individual seeking a positive change in the nation. The last few minutes of the session were dedicated to the questions asked by the participants and create a healthy dialogue. The students got an opportunity to learn and question various phenomenon while keeping an open mind.