Mindful use of social media” with Ms. Anubha Khandelwal

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur organised an online- interactive session on 30th April 2021, in association with ICG-IISU Alumnae Association- ‘Bandhan’. The session was dedicated to the topic, “Mindful use of social media” with Ms. Anubha Khandelwal as the key-note speaker.

Ms. Khandelwal is associated with Fabriclore as a Marketing Executive. The talk with Ms. Khandelwal raised the new-age issues of the youth concerning social media. Ms. Anubha began the session by guiding participants to be actively in control of the content they are consuming by choosing the right content and people to follow on social media. While discussing the advertisement policy and money-generating activities of social-media creators, she brought up the polarising algorithm which promotes the idea of eventually turning the users into ‘products’.

Throughout the session, Ms. Anubha focused on having a holistic approach towards social media and minimising the cons by turning them into a fruitful tool. She explained the concept of digital detox and refining the content. The session was interactive where the participants could share their concerns and queries with the speaker. It was attended by over 80 students of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Ms. Khandelwal is an alumna of the IIS (Deemed to be University), currently working as a social-media content marketer. The session was beneficial for the students as it guided them to be responsible users of the social media.