Moot Press Conference on ‘ Women Sports in Rajasthan: Prospects and Challenges’

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication organised a Moot Press Conference on ‘Women Sports in Rajasthan: Prospects and Challenges’ on April 6th, 2015 at AV Hall. The Chief Guest for the confrence was Mr. Mohd. Yasin, Sports Media Professional, Jaipur. The confrence enlightened the students of BA (JMC) and MA (JMC) about the sports journalism.

Sports Journalism is a very popular journalism beat. People take huge interest in watching sports and are also keen to know about players and their lives. Sports Journalism deals with the coverage of sports events and personalities around the globe.

Keeping in mind the importance and popularity of sports journalism, the department of journalism and Mass communication organised this conference on “Women sports in Rajasthan: Prospects and Challenges”.

When talking about women empowerment, we can’t skip on the matter of representation of women in sports, said the chief guest of conference, Mr. Yasin.

He talked about how parents, schools should motivate their girls to take part in sports, as it will boost their moral and girls have visited the moon in the past and are continuing to do so, then why ever restrict them to academics alone. Sports people have bright and beautiful future but we also have to give immense motivation to our girls so that there would be equal representation of both genders in field of sports too.

He then talked about how journalism makes a difference in bringing empowerment to girls in sports. He said it is important to do stories on female sportsperson, cast them in ads as we normally do for male sportsperson. People would know Dhoni but they would not know the captain of Indian Women Cricket team. He said this is unfair, as media is not highlighting women in sports as much as they give light to men in sports.

Journalism can bring a big change to perspective of people and he said that if girls like you who are future of journalism understand this thing, then journalism has a positive change to go. The conference was eye-opening for the students as they received great knowledge about Women in sports in Rajasthan.