Moot Press Conference (2021-22)

Moot Press Conference was organized by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, IIS (deemed to be University). The topic of the conference was 'Recent trends and challenges in public relations practices' where Ms. Priyanka Kanawat, Mr. Nitin Sharma and Mr. Neerav Bansal were present as panellists. The discussion began with the difference between advertisement and public relations and why they have merged nowadays.

Ms. Priyanka shared her views on this and said one should be well aware of what is happening around us and should know how to connect the dots and how you can bind the idea which connects the things concurrently it can be PR, Advertising, internal communication or it can be external communication and if you know that when you're the master. She also pointed out all the blurring lines between the advertising and PR department, and she shared her experience in customer communication and said that listening is very important

Mr. Nitin talked about his past experiences and said that practical knowledge is the essential part of any field and motivated the audience by his few tips like always being confident and fearless, opening up, and don't hesitate to explore new things, he also talked about that how he manages to cope up with different segments of the audience. He also talked about how freedom is very much important in one's life to achieve his/her goals.

Mr. Neerav Bansal shared his experience on the challenges faced by him in the healthcare department and said every problem has its solution but we have to find it. He said that all we need is a free flow of information. He also talked about the role of PR in the healthcare sector and its importance and the digitalization helped the PR sector go beyond the boundaries.

Dr. Ruchi Goswami said that the students of the department played a pivotal role as journalists by asking them questions. The views shared by the experts would eventually help budding journalists to perform better as media profession. Participants were acquainted with the recent trends and challenges in public relations practices in various sectors with special reference to healthcare.