Online Session on Audio Storytelling

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, IIS (Deemed to be University) organized an online session on the topic of “Audio Storytelling”. The guest speakers for the session were RJ Karthik and RJ Devangana.

RJ Karthik commenced the session by talking about the qualities of a good story teller. He shared that in order to be a good storyteller, it is important to bring out the essence of the story. It can only be done when one considers himself/herself as the hero of that story. It helps in evoking the emotions of the story and thus results in reaching wider audience and better retention on part of the spectators.

RJ Devangana in her address shared that for storytelling it is necessary to have spontaneity and confidence, for that we should interact with people, do voice exercises, practice pronunciation and chant 'Om'. The session was attended by the students of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.