The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, IIS (deemed to be University) in association with water reporters held a session named ‘Goan Kahe Sab Sune’ on Monday, May 17th, 2021. The objective of the session was to introduce rural agricultural practices and problems with the students.

The guests of the programme were some of the prominent reporters from villages namely Ms. Pooja from Surajpura, Mr.Surgyaan, Mr. Jeetram, Mr. Khushal from Niwai, Ms.Dilkhush, Mr. Abhinav Surendra from Jodhpur.

The session started with an introduction and welcome of the guests to the students. During the session guests talked about how the current pandemic has affected various sectors of our economy, but the agriculture sector is not affected adversely as others. Reporters also informed students that farmers nowadays have knowledge of new methods and techniques which they practice in their farming. They also shared how farmers store water in ponds and wells seasonally to avoid water scarcity.

One of the guests also shared that farmers avoid using chemicals fertilizers in farming as they are well aware about the negative impact of such fertilizers on people’s health. Reporters also shed a light on how proper documentation and registrations for various government policies help farmers to avail the benefits.

The session also talked about how we as a responsible citizen should help our farmers and rural residents to make them aware about various government policies which can strengthen rural infrastructure.

The guests also discussed that people in rural areas have been affected badly in the second wave of Covid-19. The main reason behind such a situation is lack of knowledge of covid protocols and guidelines recommended by the government. Unavailability of vaccine in rural areas is another reason.

While asking about the successful implementation of the government policies one of the speakers answered that mostly these policies get reformed or changed by the time it reach to farmers.

At the end of the session a reporter also explained the meaning of water reporting it means reporting with transparency like water. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A between students and speakers.