Alumni Session

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur, organised an interactive session with the alumni on the topic, “Media industry’s scope and challenges” on Wednesday, September 8th. The alumni guest panel included Ms. Pragya Rathore, Ms. Arushi Baisla and Ms. Sneha Jain. The speakers talked about their respective journeys and career prospects as a media professional.

Ms. Pragya Rathore is currently appointed as the Assistant Manager of Marketing & Communications at Alila fort, Bishangarh. Ms. Arushi Baislais is working as a freelance copywriter and Ms. Sneha Jain is working as Marketing and communication Manager at Coca-Cola (Uttar Pradesh), she also owns a digital marketing agency.

The session commenced with the introduction of guests along with their batch of studying at the department. The speakers talked about several relevant topics for the students in media industry such as copywriting, digital marketing, public relations and content writing just to name a few. The session’s format was of question and answers. Throughout the session the guests were interactive and talked about their experiences in the university and how the activities and assignments helped them to prepare for the field. At the end of the session, students got a chance to directly interact with the guests. The session proved to be very beneficial for the students of the department as the alumni shared their experiences.